Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel Alignment in Yelahanka and BEL Road

A good number of people are yet to understand that an unbalanced wheel affects your riding and car's lifespan. Usually, your car wheels get misaligned due to plenty of reasons like bad roads and potholes resulting in early wear and tear of the wheels.

We at Nexus, Maruti Authorised Car Wheel Alignment & Balancing Service in Yelahanka and BEL Road suggest you pay regular attention over getting services done for your car wheels to ensure proper wheel alignment and balancing.

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Assuring your wheels is precisely adjusted enhances both the performance and lifespan of your tires. The services at Nexus Maruti being a Maruti Authorised Car Service Center in Yelahanka and BEL Road offers services related to Car Wheel Alignment, Wheel Rotation, Wheel Balancing.


    A poorly aligned wheel always results in premature wear & tear of your car tyres. So get your car wheel aligned properly to protect your tires and get maximum performance delivery from your car's tyres.


    A vehicle vibrates at high speeds if the wheels are out of balance which results in affecting the efficiency of your vehicle and also your ride. To get your wheels balanced and ensure optimal performance, pick our wheel balance service package.


    One of the best ways to take care of your car tyres, is to rotate them regularly. Yes, this tyre rotation method makes your car tyres to distribute wear and tear equally between all four tires, rather than just the front two. It will greatly increase the lifespan of your car tyres, ensuring you won't have to buy new tyres as again and again and also contributes a lot in ensuring a better handling, better fuel efficiency and safety.

If you are still not sure when your car needs a wheel alignment, wheel balancing or tyre rotation then Book a Maruti Car Wheel Alignment/Wheel Balancing/Tyre Rotation Services online at Nexus Maruti located in Yelahanka and BEL Road and we will assist you with our best services.